Get Withdrawal Fee


    "code": "OK",
    "msg": "",
    "data": {
  			"asset_type": "ETH",
  			"network": "NETWORK_ETH",
  			"fee_type": "Fixed",
  			"fee_rate": 0.0005,
        "flat_rate": 0,
        "min_txn_fee": null,
        "max_txn_fee": null


asset_typestringThis field specifies the type of asset for which the withdrawal fee is being queried.
networkstringRepresents the specific blockchain network associated with the asset type.
fee_typestringDescribes the method used to calculate the withdrawal fee. (Free, Ratio, Fixed, )
fee_ratefloatIndicates the actual fee amount / ratio charged for the withdrawal. I
flat_ratefloatFixed base amount charged additionally with any percentage-based fees per transaction.
min_txn_feefloatMinimum fee ensured for any transaction, regardless of other calculations.
max_txn_feefloatCap on the fee that can be charged for a transaction, preventing excessively high fees.