IPNs (Instant Payment Notifications) are sent to the notify_url provided by merchants when apply the withdrawal, when withdrawal status is changed.


1.Notification sent by gateway is in POST Method.
2.Body is a JSON-formatted string (content-Type: application/json)

Withdrawal Status

1withdrawal_applyApplyInitial withdrawal request made by the user
2withdrawal_cancelCancelUser canceled the request
3withdrawal_confirmConfirmUser confirmed; awaiting system/admin review
4withdrawal_rejectRejectRequest declined post-review
5withdrawal_approveApproveRequest approved and processing
6withdrawal_successSuccessFunds transferred successfully
7withdrawal_failFailedTransfer failed due to errors


  "ipn_type": "withdrawal",
  "event": "withdraw_confirm",
  "withdrawal_id": "03b6fd73-e5a8-4f98-a7e5-69556dc9cb00",
  "network": "NETWORK_BSC",
  "asset_type": "UTT",
  "address": "0x347061544a8B0e17D62a14F4700166BB78f9bBEd",
  "amount": 15,
  "fee": 5,
  "txn_hash": null,
  "status": "Apply",
  "create_time": "2023-09-05T09:42:42",
  "update_time": "2023-09-05T09:43:16.9218807Z",
  "notify_id": "4033d2c2-f8c6-47fa-aea0-d3b0d49f476b",
  "notify_time": "2023-09-05T09:43:18.5578888Z"


invoice_idstringUniPayment Invoice ID.
ipn_typestringIPN type, withdrawal is for invoice notification
eventstringEvent type for invoice
withdrawal_idstringThis is the amount buyer will send the crypto payment.
networkstringBlockChain from which gateway will send the fund
asset_typestringBlockChain from which buyer will send the payment
addressaddressThe address
amountfloatAmount of withdrawal
feefloatFee of withdrawal
statusstringThe status of withdrawal
create_timedatetimeCreate time of withdrawal
update_timedatetimeUpdate time of withdrawal
notify_idstringUnique notify Id
notify_timedatetimeNotify time