IPNs (Instant Payment Notifications) are sent to the notify_url provided by merchants when creating the invoice, when order status is changed to paid, confirmed and complete.


1.Notification sent by UniPayment is in POST Method.
2.Body is a JSON-formatted string (content-Type: application/json)


    "app_id": "94273135-a935-4753-937b-c293987d44c8",
    "invoice_id": "67af9a33-09d9-4d57-b9af-b5e20836c886",
    "order_id": "ORDER_123456",
    "price_amount": 10.86,
    "price_currency": "USD",
    "network": "NETWORK_TRX",
    "address": "TFmHeEqTrUQ4mFRewsc9YwYzgeLaA3oqAy",
    "pay_currency": "USDT",
    "pay_amount": 10.86,
    "exchange_rate": 1.0,
    "paid_amount": 0.0,
    "confirmed_amount": 0.0,
    "create_time": "2022-02-28T08:22:07.745779Z",
    "expiration_time": "2022-02-28T08:52:08.235153Z",
    "status": "New",
    "error_status": "None",
    "transactions": null,
    "notify_id": "084e4c26-b589-4746-84ba-70e883e75057",
    "sign": "bba8a38b3389770777829efc7fc309d3",
    "sign_type": "MD5",
    "notify_time": "2022-02-28T08:22:16.755499Z"


app_idstringMerchant Payment App ID.
invoice_idstringUniPayment Invoice ID.
price_amountfloatSame as request.
price_currencystringSame as request.
pay_amountfloatThis is the amount buyer will send the crypto payment.
pay_currencystringCrypto currency buyer will send the payment
networkstringBlockChain from which buyer will send the payment
addressaddressThe address
exchange_ratefloatThe exchange rate from pay_currency to price_currency.
paid_amountfloatThe amount of cryptocurrency (defined by pay_currency) paid by the buyer.
confirmed_amountfloatThe amount of cryptocurrency (defined by pay_currency) confirmed by the blockchain network.
create_timedatetimeInvoice creation time.
expiration_timedatetimeInvoice expiration time.
statusstringInvoice status.See InvoiceStatus
error_statusstringInvoice error status.See InvoiceErrorStatus
transactionsobject array
notify_idstringNotification unique Id.
notify_timedatetimeNotification send time.